Volunteering for United Hope for Animals

This month marks a year I have been volunteering for United Hope for Animals and helping with their Shelter Program at the Downey Animal Care Center and at the Baldwin Animal Care Center here in Los Angeles. 

Every other week I go to the Downey Animal Care Center to take photographs of the dogs that have been owner surrendered or strays. Each week I fall in LOVE, deeply with all these homeless pets that may not ever have a chance to be somebody's "pet" in their lifetime . These dogs and cats are so special, and even after being locked up in a dirty crowded kennel for days and sometimes weeks- all they want to do is love and please humans after all they have been through- talk about unconditional. 

I also assist with the Meetup group and welcome new volunteers to the program- I really enjoy that as well because I love knowing and seeing that people want to help get these dogs and cats homes and not just talk about, which I know is easy to do- sorry but talk is cheap. 

Another little task I assist with is managing their YouTube Playlist for the Baldwin Shelter, behalf of United Hope for Animals. I update the Available, Adopted, and Rescued dogs for each playlist bi-monthly. Seeing an "Adopted" update in the title is great and reminds me why all volunteers do what we do. Seeing a RIP in the title,  is hands down, one of the hardest things to read and grasp, but, it can also motivate me to keep doing what I do and hope and work harder to try to get these dogs seen and rescued. I want LA to be a no kill city badly and I truly hope that this can happen in the near future through the proper education and help from the communities. 

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Meet Chance a blind Pekingese looking for his forever home! 

Meet Chance a blind Pekingese looking for his forever home!