Lovely Rita AKA Jaws!

This morning, I went to a clients house to take pictures of her 14 year old deaf foster, Rita. Rita was very cute and reminded me of my Cheri-sweet, foggy eyed, kinda lumpy (little tumors) and a little chunky like Cheri too :) The difference though between Rita and Cheri is Rita got a mouth on her, and I'm not talking about barking. As I was trying to take a nice portrait of Rita, she kept escaping the chair I wanted her to sit in and jumping to the ground. So as I was picking her up, she quickly told me she does not like that, and bit the hell out of my right palm- owie! It was my fault, I should have paid more attention to her body language and knowing that she was not comfortable on the chair with me, a stranger, should have been enough and fair warning. So, lesson learned- if a doggie isnt happy and especially if that particular doggie is blind or deaf, be extra mindful and careful, and just to be safe have the owner/handler deal with the doggie, if you don't feel comfortable. My hand is ok, just a little bruised, I think it's kinda funny- doggie warrior scratch. I'm just happy this didn't happen at a shelter. Dogs that bite humans at the shelter have to be rescued, not adopted by the general public, which makes their chances of getting out of the shelter very slim, or they are euthanized, often based on their past. 

So, moral of the blog is, watch doggies body language and don't assume because you are comfortable, the dog is comfortable. Those bites happen real fast and hurt!