I try to stay out of politics, I think most of what goes on is kinda bullshit and of course it just boils down to money and power, in my opinion. 

Just like anything else that is ran by the city that is funded with government money, there is often deceit and greed. There is also often somebody that should not be in the position they are in.  They have lots of power, may be calling the wrong shots and most importantly, letting thousands, if not millions of innocent pets die each year because of decisions they make daily. I know its complicated and it has a lot to do with educating the general public on spay/neuter as well as getting your pet microchipped and licensed so the intake numbers can be lowered. I do believe this is slowly happening through programs and outreach over the world, but these things do take time, there are a lot of humans on this earth, many with limited resources, who only know so much and can do so much for themselves, let alone their pets. It often is like a bad nightmare that keeps on giving. 

We all hopefully do what we can when it comes to this big problem.  We adopt, we rescue, we network, we preach and we come together to try to get these innocent pets out of dog jail. Some days are better than others, but thats the way life is, it seems. Got to stay positive and keep the eye on the prize- freedom for all the doggies and kitties!!

So please, ALWAYS Adopt or Rescue!!


For more info and in depth info on what happens within the LA County Animal Shelter System, Ric Browde who runs United Hope for Animals and who is also a volunteer,  writes a great blog informing the public his experiences and discoveries within the system.  


Downey Animal Shelter

Downey Animal Shelter