Fun Facts About Red Nose Pitties!

I Love Pitbulls. They are so loving, smart, and loyal! 

Here are some fun facts about the red beauties that all humans should know: 


Red nose pitties found their way to America mainly via Irish immigrants.

They are a result of close inbreeding of the 'Old Family' strain of pit bulls in the mid-1800s.

 They were initially bred for working on farms. 

Purebred red nose pit bulls are much sought after because they are very rare, and efforts have been made to preserve the 'Old Family' strain.

They may have a streak of stubbornness in them, but are very courageous, intelligent, and always ready to please their owner, which makes them highly trainable. 

This breed is generally robust and healthy. However, some are prone to genetic and non-genetic health problems which include hip dysplasia, hereditary cataracts, allergies, and heart diseases.

Red nose pit bulls prefer warm weather. They can live in apartments, as long as they get plenty of exercise. Daily walks and exercise is a must, these dogs are very energetic and tend to be unhappy without sufficient exercise. The breed's agility makes it one of the most capable canine climbers, so good fencing around the house is a must. 


Red, the Red Nose Pittie

Red, the Red Nose Pittie