lil humans reading to homeless doggies..too cute, i know.

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to attend a reading event that was produced by, Trendy Little Sweethearts(TLS), Watts Project, and the volunteers at South LA Animal Shelter. 

The premise of the event was to invite children of all ages accompanied by their parents, to read their favorite books to the doggies at South LA Shelter who are homeless and looking for their forever homes. This was the first time we did this event- and it was great! 

We hope to do more of these events again at South LA shelter, as well as other shelters in the LA area. This was great for the children, who were able to socialize and give these doggies some love and attention and visa versa.  These doggies are unfortunately kenneled up all day with not much human interaction so you can tell they really did enjoy the time they got with the children and their parents. 

Most importantly events like this teach children from a young age about dogs at the shelter and how cool it is to adopt and how shopping for dogs is not cool :) 

There are HUNDREDS of all types of puppies to senior doggies at shelter all over LA. Really no reason to be buying a puppy from a puppy mill at this day in age. Teach em young and spread the gospel! 


Please visit TSL to check out their monthly kids walking the dog outfits. A portion of the proceeds will go to a special item to the South LA doggies.