autumn in dtla

alo! been a minute. spring and summer passed-now, here we are in the early stages of fall, but not really cuz were in la and its always kinda sunny :) 

2016 like any year, has had its up and downs. I have been busy with dog walking in the hood and Billie has been busy eating nacho toppings off the ground and making new friends around the block. Since I've been busy with walking to pay them bills, I haven't had much time to focus on the step phase of "dawgs of dtla" and what and how I want to sell and market the book and the merchandise that comes with it. But now I feel something coming on..un kickstarter! 

In the next month or so I'm going to launch a kickstarter to promote and raise funds for the printing of the black and white photo book, "dawgs of dtla". My goal is to get the book out to purchase by the holidays and also to build some buzz so that I can eventually get a publishing deal and continue with the series.."dawgs of dtla II", & "dawgs of dtla III".  Stay tuned for more dates and details..

Hope all you mammals are spreading love and saving lives out there in this crazy ass world!