Downtown Dog Rescue Dogs up for Adoption!

Sup my mammals?!?!?

It's been another hot summer in la la land. I have been busy figuring out next chapters in me life...

Scaled back on dog walking full time, only doing it part time now which has been good for my health in downtown la. 

I'm now focusing more on photography, which is one of the reasons why I decided to move to LA from Oakland eight years ago to begin with. As an addition to photographing doggies, I now capture humans, products, events and weird life things that happen:) It's been fun. 

I also have more time to volunteer, which for me, is one of my purposes on earth and especially in LA, where we have a HUGE dog population issue. Especially with pitbull types. 

SO, if you or somebody you know may be interested in adopting one of these magical creatures I highly suggest checking out Downtown Dog Rescue. 

DDR is a rescue/kennel that pulls mostly larger dogs from local LA shelters (a lot of them come from South LA Animal Shelter) and gets to know them and helps out with any issues they may be having; physically or emotionally. Once DDR sees they are ready to be adopted, they are set to go home to a fitting family or living situation that best suits the dogs. 


Here are some pics of the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes I photographed last week. If you feel like you are experiencing love at first sight- then please click the link above to learn more about the dawgie of your dreams! 

Stay cool yall!